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What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)? DPC is hassle free healthcare. It allows you to have a direct relationship with your doctor. For the equivalent of a monthly cell phone bill you have direct access to unlimited primary care services. 

Bringing Care Back to Healthcare

Why is Healthcare Expensive?

Physician growth has been linear, administrator now outnumber doctors 10 to 1. Who is making your health decisions?

How does it work?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) patients have access to same day or next business day appointments, unlimited visits, wellness visits, urgent care and unlimited televisits.  DPC eliminates obstacles between patients and physicians. Benefits include price transparency, cost savings, and better communication of high quality individualized healthcare. Tired of long waits for shorts visits with insurance driving care.

Fruits and Vegetables

Let food be thy medicine-Hippocrates

Proud to welcome Dr. Zachary Tomlinson
Board Certified Osteopathic Physician

Serving Patients since 2015

Sunrise Health Direct Primary Care specializes in diagnosing and carefully treating various cases while making sure each patient is fully informed throughout the process. Serving the greater New Smyrna Beach area, Sunrise Health Direct Primary Care is known for delivering outstanding results while helping you minimize your personal investment and creating a suitable treatment plan for your needs.


712 East 3rd Avenue, New Smyrna Beach, FL, USA


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