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DPC Membership

Patients receive unrestricted access to their healthcare doctor, reports little to no wait time and longer appointments (In person, virtually, or by phone). This creates a real therapeutic relationship between the patient and doctor.

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In Office Lab Testing

  • Urinalysis-no delay urinary tract infection treatment

  • Urine Drug Screens-coming soon Addiction Care Memberships

  • Urine Pregnancy Tests

  • Stool Blood Testing

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In Office Treatments

  • Nebulizer Treatments (Adult &Pediatric)

  • Steroid Injections

  • Ketorolac Injections

  • B12 Injections

  • Ceftriaxone injections

  • Wound Care

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Chronic Disease Management

Acute and Chronic Disease Management for high blood pressure, diabetes type 1&2, heart disease, ​hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, chronic kidney disease, acid reflux, depression, anxiety, weight loss, tobacco cessation, atopic dermatitis, acne, etc

Baby Stethoscope

Services Provided

Same Day or Next Business Day Appointments

Membership includes direct access to physician with texts, email and call options

Simple procedures

Ear wax removal, Toenail removal, Skin tag removal, EKG, Joint injections, Simple skin procedures, Osteopathic Manipulation, Laceration repairs, Abscess Drainage, Trigger Point injections


At cost labs prices/radiology services with local nationally recognized vendors

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